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See the Globe Theatre's Marquee Lit for First Time in Decades

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The marquee of the 101-year-old Globe Theatre on Broadway has been dark since the 1980s, but was finally relit last night in front of a cheering crowd. Councilmember Jose Huizar oversaw the ceremony, which included performances and exhibits inside the theater. Long used as a swapmeet, the Globe is in the midst of a $5-million, exterior and interior renovation that will also include the restoration of other historic features, reopen the Broadway entrance, and activate the theater as a live performance venue opening later this year. The energized Globe is another win for Huizar's Bringing Back Broadway initiative, which has brought in new retail and pedestrian amenities to the historic strip.

[Instagram video via RudyJRubio]
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Globe Theatre

744 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA