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LA Creating and Saving Murals from the Eastside to Venice

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The LA City Council this week ok'd $750,000 to preserve and create new murals throughout the city, the Santa Monica Mirror reports, with about half the money going to upkeep and the rest to the creation of new art. The Cultural Affairs Department will decide this year what existing murals will get fresh coats of paint, but officials are working with a list of 19 murals in need of restoration. A few included on the list: Judy Baca's half-mile-long "Great Wall of Los Angeles" in the Valley, Venice's "Chagall Returns to Venice Beach" by Christina Schlesinger, and George Yepes's "Mujer del Este de Los Angeles" in Boyle Heights (how about the Crenshaw Wall, though?). Los Angeles is finally embracing its signature art form; it legalized murals last summer and made rules allowing them on single-family houses in December.

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