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Segways Could Be Banned From the Venice Boardwalk

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It's hard to believe that somewhere, anywhere, there are so many people riding Segways that it's causing a problem, but that's just the case in Venice, where the two-wheeled, battery-powered contraption is on the verge of being kicked off the boardwalk. According to the LA Wave, the City Council's Transportation Committee voted earlier this month to recommend an ordinance that would banish Segways from the heavily-trafficked walkway following a rise in Segway-related accidents. Apparently, riding the tall vehicle in a densely populated area is a bad idea. "A lot of folks have begun to use Segways to get around on the boardwalk and it's just too damn crowded and the cops have been reporting a lot of accidents," many of which have involved children or seniors, says City Councilmember Mike Bonin, who's also the committee's chairman. Segways would also be banned from the sidewalk and bike paths around Venice Beach. Bikes are currently prohibited on the boardwalk as well.
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