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First Look at the Crenshaw Line's LAX-Adjacent Century Station

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Behold the future Century/Aviation station for the Crenshaw Line, which Metro will begin working on next month. The first step in building that pretty elevated station will be what they're calling the Century Crunch, when Century and Aviation Boulevards will be restricted for 57 hours between July 25 and July 28 so workers can tear down the 1960s-era rail bridge that crosses Century, according to The Source. The current bridge is only one-track, but the new light rail bridge will have to accommodate trains traveling south to Redondo Beach and north to the Crenshaw District. The rendering doesn't show a connection to an LAX-bound people mover—that's because there's a good chance a PM will connect at a recently-proposed new station on the Crenshaw Line, less than a half-mile north at Ninety-Sixth Street.

· Attention LAX passengers: Aviation/Century intersection to be closed July 25-28 — allow extra time driving to airport! [The Source]
· Now Metro Wants New Crenshaw Line Station to Connect to LAX [Curbed LA]

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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