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Getty Pools and Fountains Have Been Drained to Save Water

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The Getty Center is less burbling this summer: earlier this month, they shut off their fountains and drained most of the many pools on the property to help conserve water during this long megadrought. According to a blog post from the museum (via KPCC), that should save 2,500 gallons a day. Damn, 2,500 gallons a day, running through those sculptural fountains! Pools that are home to living things ("fish and plants") have been left full and the Central Garden will remain the same as ever, since it's "a living sculpture by artist Robert Irwin and a part of the Museum's art collection." It's not clear when the pools and fountains will be switched on again; the Getty just says "We hope the rainy season comes early and stays late, and we can turn the water back on."
· Getty Fountains Temporarily Turned Off to Save Water [Getty]