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State Cracking Down on Rich Jerks Who Block Beach Access

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Rich assholes who try to keep the public off of public beaches can now actually be punished for such anti-social behavior, thanks to a new California law passed last week. All California beaches are public, but some beachfront property owners (*cough* David Geffen) try to keep stretches private with fake "no parking" signs, illicit padlocks, and sometimes even fake driveways. Imagine being able to afford a gajillion-dollar beach house and still needing more, more, more! Before, the California Coastal Commission only had the power to take such jerks to court, which it could afford to do rarely, and battles with the likes of Geffen often dragged on for ages. The new law lets the CCC fine anyone caught blocking beach access and—here's the really powerful part—potentially put a lien on their property, according to KTLA.
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