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Mayor Garcetti Sells Home, Art Deco Building Demolished

[San Pedro's waterfront is getting all spruced up and now has free wi-fi, too]

This Week's Top Stories: Mayor Garcetti had a fucking big hipster day this week when he sold his Silver Lake house to Anthony Gonzalez, of French electronic band M83. Despite the naysayers who once heard a song in the '80s that claimed people don't walk in LA, people in LA area are actually walking, and we're walking a lot, to places other than the parking garage where our car is parked. Conspicuous consumption has returned with a ka-pow! thanks to our sort of not terrible economy, and now somebody is building the biggest house in LA County in the hills of Bel Air because... rich people. That underutilized and under-appreciated art deco building at La Brea and Willoughby was demolished recently, and now we appreciate it because its gone. Remember a few seconds ago how we wrote that people are walking a lot in LA, it's true and here's a story about a new walking/biking trail (the North Valleyheart Riverwalk) along the Los Angeles River near Studio City. Has Map! Chinatown is a classic film that every good Angeleno should see and now we have a map to show you all the places around LA that the movie was shot. A beautiful 1907 Craftsman home in Jefferson Park has come on the market and is only asking $589k.