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LA River Hosted Its First-Ever Public Campout This Weekend

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With all eyes on the LA River lately and a massive revitalization finally looking like a real possibility, tons of projects and activities are popping up along the river seeking to change the way that people see and use the waterfront. The Bowtie Parcel in Glassell Park (where giant, in-ground art piece "The Unfinished" can be found) hosted more than 100 people for a sold-out riverside campout this past weekend, put on by California State Parks, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, and arts group Clockshop. Campers got the full Great Outdoors experience with tours by state park rangers about local animals and plant life, fireside ghost-story-telling, a communal cookout, and, that requisite campsite staple, s'mores. According to the organizers, the free campout was at capacity one hour after it was announced, but don't worry: this is just the first in what's expected to be a series of events that use the public land along the waterway to engage river-adjacent communities.

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