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Lloyd Wright's Bollman Residence in Hollywood Asking $1.9MM

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Hitting the market for the first time in more than three decades is the Henry O. Bollman Residence, which was designed by Lloyd Wright in 1922. Built for a contractor who worked with Wright, the Hollywood house is the earliest example of the architect's use of the "knit-block" construction system subsequently employed for his father Frank Lloyd Wright's Millard, Freeman, Ennis, and Storer residences. According to the listing copy, "By the time designer Mimi London came upon the property it had fallen into disrepair. London's work to renovate and re-interpret the residence has earned two covers of Architectural Digest!" London's renovations include a new kitchen, new baths, and "an expansion of living space into what was the attached garage." Sited on an 8,102-square-foot lot, the two-story house features four bedrooms, two baths, concrete slab floors, a stone fireplace, and numerous "tropical plantings" in its garden. Asking price for the 2,518-square-foot residence is $1.9 million.

· 1530 N Ogden Drive [Estately]