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Holy Crap, the 8th+Hope Apartment Tower Will Be Expensive

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Attention rich people looking to move Downtown: the 22-story 8th + Hope apartments, just across from the soon-to-be-beautiful Bloc mall in the Financial District, are now ready to lease and they will cost ya. The official site shows the cheapest apartment is a fifth-floor one-bedroom under 780 square feet and leasing for $2,425 a month. The most expensive unit available is a spacious three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom on the twenty-first floor that's going for $8,660 a month. The lower floor units will be available as early as August 1; on the higher floors, tenants have to wait until October 1. The pricing for the top-floor units aren't available on the site yet (being penthouses, most likely they'll list and lease later than the other units), but when they do, it's fair to expect them to be outrageous. The groundfloor will host retail and the Ground Floor Project, a space for "to present emerging local culture within music, theater, dance, visual art, craft, and culinary art."

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