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Park Mile Fretting Over Plan For 48 Little Houses on Wilshire

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Much of Hancock Park and the surrounding area, including Park Mile, is frozen in amber, safe from most future development aside from single-family houses (part of the reason a Crenshaw Boulevard station was axed from the Purple Line extension down Wilshire). Prolific Hollywood developer CIM has big plans for the area, though, and you can already smell the NIMBY panic. CIM bought the three-building, four-block Farmers Insurance campus earlier this year, with plans to open a hotel. But torches and pitchforks put an end to that idea before a rendering could even be drawn up. CIM's Plan B, according to Larchmont Buzz, involves 48 houses built under the city's small lot subdivision ordinance (which allows lots of detached units on a single lot). Those houses would comply with the development-restrictive Park Mile Specific Plan, but neighbors still fret it'll "[pack] the blocks with residents, automobiles and housing." Nothing will happen any time soon, as Farmers employees still occupy the campus, but all of them are eventually moving to offices in Woodland Hills.
· CIM Group Purchase of Farmers Insurance Puts Wilshire's Park Mile Plan Front and Center [Larchmont Buzz]