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Broadway Gentrification Hits New Heights With $3,600 Lofts

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The Vail, the conversion of a 106-year-old former Broadway department store into a modern apartment building, features a very handsome backside with exposed brick and cool windows, but the front side is just ok. The developer behind the Mandel Lofts on Seventh and Olive has turned three floors (above groundfloor and basement-level retail) into six 1,800-square-foot units, says broker/blogger Brigham Yen, who seems to be repping the building. The interiors feature the same exposed brick as the backside, but you'll have to decide if that's worth prices that start at $3,600 (of course, there are other pluses, like sleek kitchens, high ceilings, a courtyard, and parking included in the rent).

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