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The First 15 LA Streets Getting Big Great Streets Makeovers

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In October of last year, we heard about Mayor Garcetti's plan to turn sections of 40 streets into Great Streets, friendlier and more accessible to all people, regardless of their chosen mode of transportation. Just about two months ago, the mayor name-dropped six of the first 15 streets to get the makeover treatment. (The suspense!) Tomorrow morning, says the LA Times, he'll make an official announcement about all of the first 15—there's one in each of the council districts—but we've got the list already down below. Previously, the Mayor had just made general but exciting-sounding statements about Great Streets being "saturated" with services, or being turned into green streets. Hopefully, his announcement tomorrow will have more detailed information on what exactly will be done to each street segment to make it more, ya know, great.

· North Figueroa Street between Avenue 50 and Avenue 60 (District 1)
· Lankershim Boulevard between Chandler and Victory boulevards (District 2)
· Sherman Way between Wilbur and Lindley avenues (District 3)
· Western Avenue between Melrose Avenue and 3rd Street (District 4)
· Westwood Boulevard between Le Conte Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard (District 5)
· Van Nuys Boulevard between Victory Boulevard and Oxnard Street (District 6)
· Van Nuys Boulevard between Laurel Canyon Boulevard and San Fernando Road (District 7)
· Crenshaw Boulevard between 78th Street and Florence Avenue (District 8)
· Central Avenue between MLK Boulevard and Vernon Avenue (District 9)
· Pico Boulevard between Hauser Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue (District 10)
· Venice Boulevard between Beethoven Street and Inglewood Boulevard (District 11)
· Reseda Boulevard between Plummer Street and Parthenia Avenue (District 12)
· Hollywood Boulevard between La Brea Avenue & Gower Street (District 13)
· Cesar Chavez Avenue between Evergreen Avenue and St. Louis Street (District 14)
· Gaffey Street between 15th Street & the 110 Freeway (District 15)
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