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Old Disney Estate in Holmby Hills Sells For $74 Million

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The massive estate built on the ruins of Walt Disney's grandest family home has just sold after about two and a half years for $74 million. That's sure something, but not quite what seller and Houston Dynamo owner Gabriel Brener had hoped for—there was never an official asking price, but reports ranged from about $80 to $95 million. (Meanwhile, its cross-the-street neighbor Fleur de Lys somehow managed to fetch $102 million IN CASH in March.) This was the site of Disney's last home and his Carolwood Pacific Railroad, a one-eighth-scale functioning railroad (with one-eighth-sized coal!) that ended up being an important inspiration for Disneyland.

Brener bought the 3.7-acre property from the Disney family in 1998 for $8.45 million and tore down the house (a large tunnel remains; a barn was moved to Griffith Park) in favor of a limestone megamansion with eight bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a wine cellar, three-inch-thick mahogany doors, and two safe rooms, plus a poolhouse, tennis court, and putting green on the grounds.

Tamara Ecclestone, the daughter of Formula 1 richie Bernie Ecclestone, was said to be checking out the Disney property last spring (her sister Petra owns the old Spelling megamansion nearby), but she apparently "found the house not grand enough." All the Wall Street Journal says now is that the buyer is "international." If you know any more details, please do let us know.

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