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New Riverwalk Opening From Studio City to Sherman Oaks

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The resurgent LA River has a new feather in its cap: the North Valleyheart Riverwalk, a half-mile walking and biking trail opening for business this Saturday. The $3.5-million project, in the works since 2008, allows easy access to the north side of the LA River from Studio City to Sherman Oaks, says KCET—it traverses Coldwater Canyon Avenue to Fulton Avenue, with entry points at both sides, as well as at Ethel Avenue. The riverwalk, to be operated by a group called the Village Gardeners, should be ideal for dog walking, strolling, and jogging, and stone seats will give patrons a place to park their asses and stare at the river. Another highlight is a large stone mosaic mural of a steelhead trout built by artist Kevin Carman; it should withstand inclement weather and tagging.

· North Valleyheart Riverwalk Greens the Way in Studio City [KCET]