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Take a Look at San Pedro's Brand New Waterfront Public Plaza

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Two years ago, the site of San Pedro's brand new Downtown Harbor and Town Square was a parking lot. Now, it's a public space where the general, boat-operating public can dock their vessels for free (for up to four hours) and regain their land legs by strolling along a nice new pedestrian pathway and overlook pier. Visitors to the plaza will also be able to take a peek at "nautical artifacts" from the nearby Maritime Museum (World War II torpedo, anyone?) and public art out on display, plus have access to free WiFi. According to a release from the Port of LA, the new space on Harbor Boulevard, between Fifth and Sixth Streets, was not only completed on time, but also under budget by more than $4 million. This is just a step in the major reboot that could be coming to the area via the proposed (but not yet in-progress) redevelopment of the Ports O' Call retail area. The park officially opens this Friday.

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