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Work Has Begun on Giant, Retail-Free HiFi Apartment Complex

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City View Apartments is just one of at least three new apartment complexes headed for Temple Street in Historic Filipinotown—developer 4Site has now cleared out nearly a block of structures near Glendale and Temple and started construction work on the 49-unit complex. Eastsider LA reports that some locals are unhappy about the size of the development, which will take up most but not all of the block between Glendale and Belmont Street (home of the HiFi Giraffe), and about its lack of street-level retail, which detractors say will create a "dead-zone" here where there could be so much activation. (There's the funky Tribal Cafe on this same block of Temple, and watering hole 1642 on the opposite side of the street.)

Also slated along Temple in HiFi is an "atrocious" 67-unit complex and a building at Temple and Union with 52 units. The Derby Dolls roller derby team's home was also displaced by development nearby, but details on that project aren't clear yet.
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