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Artist's "Inhabitable Sculpture" in Woodland Hills Asks $1.06MM

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Pop quiz: what you you get when you add "Inspired Design + Exquisite Execution"? If you said "inhabitable sculpture," you have truly mastered broker math. This house in Woodland Hills, originally built in 1961, is "the result of a 25-year collaboration between the Artist / owner and the original building Designer," and as wacky as it may seem, it at least has more character than the cookie-cutter houses visible in the listing shots from the backyard. The four-bedroom, four-bathroom residence has a guesthouse, multiple water features, wood floors, two very cool-looking fireplaces, and very unique landscaping in the backyard. It's asking $1.061 million.

· 22277 Buena Ventura St., Woodland Hills, CA 91364 [Redfin]