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Hipster Mayor Garcetti Sells Silver Lake House to Guy From M83

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Despite protestations, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is such a hipster that he's just sold his house in Silver Lake to Anthony Gonzalez of car commercial band M83. (This beats Garcetti's former hipster real estate highwater mark, hit back in 2008, when his Echo Park house was featured in Dwell.) The just-sold Silver Lake house was never on the market, although Garcetti and his wife Amy Wakeland put it up for lease in April at $8,500 a month (they're living in the mayor's mansion in Windsor Square). Garcetti and Wakeland bought the house for $1.425 million in 2011, a year after it was built; it comes with six bedrooms, five bathrooms, dining room, office/gym, media room, a terraced yard, and a garage. The LA Times first reported the sale and notes the price is not public yet.

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