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Desert Bunker With All the Apocalyptic Amenities Asking $750k

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Hey, have you noticed that Southern California keeps catching on fire? And that there are mass shootings just about every day? And that global warming has passed the tipping point where we can stop it? Kinda makes a person want to move into an underground bunker and not come out again until the human population has decimated itself down to pre-modern levels. But you want a nice bunker, though. How about this one in Barstow (via @KenLayne)? It's a roomy 8,120 square feet in three underground stories "hidden in plain sight" and made out of "20,000PSI concrete with two-feet thick ceiling, walls and floor. The entrance and emergency exit are protected by 1,000 pound blast doors located at the base of a three story metal stairwell." Worried you'll be too visible to any surviving humans, made mean and hungry by post-apocalyptic wars and lack of resources? "On the surface only the ±875 SF garage, paved parking lot, air vents, escape hatch, three-phase power and nuclear blast detector are visible," assures the listing. It all sits on two and a half acres north of Barstow "with direct access to an on-off ramp" for the I-15. Asking price is $750k and there's an adjacent site also available that would be "ideal … for a gas station or truck stop."

· APN 0543-301-03-0000 [Cityfeet]