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A Video Exploration of the Cornfield, One of LA's Most Historically Important Sites

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The intrepid webseries Tom Explores Los Angeles often spotlights the under-the-radar or forgotten places like San Pedro's Sunken City or South LA's Manchester Square, but this time, Tom heads to the well-known LA State Historic Park in Chinatown (colloquially known as the Cornfield) to defend it from those who don't fully appreciate what's going on in the space (like one grumpy Yelper who wrote "Looked like a dump to me."). It turns out that this just might be one of the most historically important sites in all of Los Angeles. Once the park's multi-million-dollar renovations are complete (they started earlier this year), the argument for this park's awesomeness will make itself.

· Tom Explores Los Angeles: California State Historic Park [YouTube]

Los Angeles State Historic Park

1245 North Spring Street, , CA 90012 Visit Website