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Five LA Summer Rentals That Come With Celebrity Landlords

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Some people think Los Angeles is a crappy place to stage your summer staycation, but their metrics don't consider the beautiful beaches, the mountain access, and, of course, the famous people! Why not combine a little summer holiday in LA with some celebrity-linked real estate? We've gathered together an assortment of celebrity-owned properties that are currently up for rent, from beachfront properties to thatched-roof English hideaways, from Steven Spielberg to Salma Hayek. Think of it as a much pricier, more TMZ-friendly, more legal Airbnb.

Take this vaguely Craftsmany abode on Broad Beach, owned by award-winning director Steven Spielberg and actress Kate Capshaw. This is a vacation house. We first saw the residence about two years ago, when the double-lot beach "house" was asking $125,000 a month. With seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a two-room guesthouse, full furnishings, and some "flexi-use 'bonus space'" thrown into the mix, it's really more of a compound. The 1.08-acre property comes with 150 feet of beach frontage and, now, an even-heftier $150,000-a-month pricetag.

↑ Hole up in the chic Outpost Estates in the Hollywood Hills this summer at the five-bedroom, six-bathroom mid-century house of Desperate Housewife Felicity Huffman and Shameless star William H. Macy. Throw a pool party to show off your view! Invite tons of people and get some use out of that guest suite! Relax in the newly installed sauna and spa! You're paying good money to do things like that. According to the listing, this house and all that comes with it is the "epitome of California living." All you have to do to enjoy it is pony up $20,000 a month.

Dean Torrence, half of the fifties surf-rockin' duo Jan and Dean, is renting out this adorable, hobbity, late-1920s "English country manor" east of the Hollywood Reservoir. (Double celebrity points: Humphrey Bogart lived there in the late thirties.) The house's thatched roof and rocky exterior are knocked into full fairy-tale mode by the "whimsical drawbridge" that leads into the house. Inside, there are beamed ceilings, French doors, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a two-story fireplace, according to the listing. Lease the place for $5,600 a month.

↑ Alright, this place doesn't quite jive with what we, the adoring public, associate with actress/producer Salma Hayek. It looks like, well, a rental. That's what it is. This starter place in the Outpost Estates, which the Frida star purchased 18 years ago, probably hasn't seen a lot of the lovely actress, who's now married to a French billionaire. But it's still a nice, one-story ranch house with a pool in a classy part of town that Ms. Hayek used to call home. The rent's gone down from the $9,500 it was asking when it was up for lease last year; now the monthly fee is a mere $8,900.

↑ Looking for something sleeker and more modern? Try this one-bedroom high-rise condo in Marina del Rey, owned by Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson. With 1,142 square feet of space, an updated kitchen, a breakfast bar, a piano you can pretend to play, and windows, windows, windows, this is a great place to go to escape your actual life for a while. Renting here allows you access to the spa and pool, plus space to barbecue (because it is summer). Rent is $3,995.
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