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Mixed-Use Development Planned for Old Daily News HQ Site

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Warner Center continues to heat up as new developments keep springing up all over the neighborhood (see here, here and especially here). Developer Associated Estates is proposing a phased mixed-use development on the site of the former Daily News headquarters in Warner Center, near the intersection of Oxnard and Canoga. At its May 6 meeting, the Woodland Hills-Warner Center NC's Planning, Land Use and Mobility Committee recommended the Neighborhood Council's full board support the project, currently titled Warner Place, that is planning to bring 379 apartment units and a 71,000 square foot office tower with ground floor retail to the site.

According to the video minutes of the meeting, the Committee spent most of its time discussing the 682 on-site parking spaces, whether they would be able to accommodate the residential and commercial uses, and the theories behind reduced parking requirements. The project will include a partially subterranean parking structure with five stories of residential above as part of phase 1, and a nine-story 150-foot tall office tower as part of phase 2. Clear renderings of the project haven't been provided as of yet, so we grabbed a few screen caps from the meeting video.

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