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Ridiculously Tiny Cottage in the Hills Asking $349k

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If you've been thinking about getting rid of all your worldly possessions and joining the micro-dwelling movement, this listing in the Hollywood Hills may be of interest. Up for grabs is "what was probably a guest house for larger estate"— a "very small structure that is liveable with all utilities connected to house." Just how small are we talkin' here? Oh, that would be "162 official feet of living but approx. 500 in existence." Furthermore, potential buyers should be aware that there will be "Absolutely no warranties about structure condition, permits, or suitability." On the upside, the 1938 shack is situated on a 7,014-square-foot lot with "meandering trails and rolling hills" and "unobstructed 180 degree views from Burbank Airport to the Hollywood Sign to Griffith Observatory." Asking price is $349,000.

· 3112 Goodview Trail [Redfin]