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"Lost" Echo Park Lautner Unearthed and Coming Up For Sale

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Aren't we lucky: some of the greatest architects of the Twentieth Century spent years building little (and big) gems all over Southern California, so many that we could lose track of some and only learn about them decades later. A "long lost" house by John Lautner—who designed some of the most incredible Modernist houses anywhere—is about to hit the market in Echo Park after 65 years with the same owner. The (future) listing even includes Lautner's original plans from the Getty archives: this is for real. The Jules Salkin Residence was built in 1948, relatively early in Lautner's solo career (he worked with Frank Lloyd Wright through much of the 1930s), and has a 1966 addition by Arthur Silvers.

According to the John Lautner Foundation, the house has been rented out for the last 17 years and "The family has been unable to do all of the repairs necessary over the years, so it is a little run-down." That's obvious from the photos, but you can also see the house's excellent siting, fantastic built-ins, and lovely use of light. Listing agent Steven Gutierrez-Kovner actually grew up in the house and speaks very lovingly about the quality of the light and space. The house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms; an "adjacent, mostly flat, hillside lot, with almost 10,000sf and similarly spectacular views, will be listed separately." Gutierrez-Kovner, who has been working with Lautner's *daughter on the sale, is still nailing down a price but expects to make the listing public on Monday. He says there have already been inquiries from all over the world and they hope to sell to someone who will preserve the house.

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