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Superfan Planning Ambitious H'wood Science Fiction Museum

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Through the hard work and tireless fundraising of one science fiction enthusiast, Hollywood might get its first science fiction museum in 2015. Superfan Huston Huddleston's personal quest to build the museum seems to have started when he rescued the Enterprise D bridge from Star Trek: The Next Generation, then decaying on a studio backlot; he spent $7,000 to have it shipped to his backyard and is now restoring it to be the centerpiece of the museum, reports The Wrap. Meanwhile, he's accumulated props and sets from TV shows and movies including Battlestar Galactica and Dr. Who—so many, in fact, that he'll probalby need a hangar-like space at this point just to house it all.

But this isn't just a vanity museum: Huddleston's goal (as explained in his Kickstarter video) is to use the props to get people excited about actual science; he wants to incorporate science education into exhibits, including geology, math, medicine and biology, thereby fostering a new generation of super-cool nerds who can always tell you why that would never work in real-life.

Huddleston's got lots of support from big names in the sci-fi industry; he's already raised $100,000 and his current Kickstarter campaign aims at $83,000 more, but that's mostly just to attract larger investors—rich nerds like Elon Musk or Richard Branson, for instance—who would theoretically put up the millions needed to actually make the museum a reality. The museum in Hollywood in 2015 would be a "preview"; he hopes to have a larger, eco-friendly museum/hotel/convention center up by 2018.

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