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Watch LA's Transportation System From Above at 60x Speed

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Well if this isn't just the neatest thing: Over at Gizmodo's Southland Blog, Nathan Masters has shared TRAVIC, which uses the public data feeds of transit providers (like our very own Metro) to show the movement and routes of trains and buses as it happens, with color-coded dots to show which train line is which (the Red Line is a red dot and the Gold Line a gold one, for instance) and several colors to show buses (distinguishing between locals, rapids, and DASH buses). Hover over any dot and TRAVIC tells you what line it is; click the dot and it highlights the route and tells you the stops with scheduled arrival and departure times. Note: Watching at actual speed is not as much fun as jacking the speed up as much as 60 times and watching the dots fly across town. (The above and below gifs are definitely sped up.)

Masters notes that TRAVIC encompasses 72 feeds, and thus covers cities on four continents, so you can watch buses in Miami or Adelaide, Australia and see how they compare.
· A Gods-Eye View of L.A.'s Transit Network in Motion [Gizmodo]