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Big Garden of Allah Mixed-User Will Be First in LA County to Cut the NIMBY Red Tape

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NIMBYs will have a harder time sidelining a giant mixed-user planned at the former site of the Garden of Allah estate at Sunset and Crescent Heights now that the project is the first to have achieved the near impossible: it's the first project in LA County to be designated by the governor's office as a California Environmental Leadership Development Project. That means that any litigation against 8150 Sunset—which is nearly guaranteed, considering the size of the project and the general enthusiasm of Los Angeles NIMBYs—will be resolved in a timely manner, aka within nine months. Such a designation was only made possible recently, thanks to new state legislation that's so far been used only three other times: for the Apple campus in Cupertino and for solar projects in San Diego and Riverside Counties. ELD Projects have to create a boatload of jobs, be accessible to transit, and be built in a relatively environmentally-friendly way.

8150 Sunset, with 249 rentals and more than 110,000 square feet of retail on about 2.5 acres, still needs to complete an environmental impact report and obtain approvals from the city of LA (it's across the street from West Hollywood, which opposes the ELDP designation). Developer Townscape Partners announced they will incorporate "forward-thinking urban design planning principles combined with timeless, modern architecture" into the project and encourage walking by building broad walkways that lead into a central plaza.
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