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Huge New Residential Complex Will Help Warner Center Stay Open After Dark

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Warner Center's in the process of welcoming several new developments that'll make it into more of a community and less of a business center, and now here comes residential Millennium Woodland Hills. MWH will be made up of four- and five-story buildings and include a seven-story parking garage for its 395 units (way down from the 700 units that were once discussed). This is still the Valley after all.

According to a release from Nadel Architects, which is designing the project, the complex will also be highly amenitized, with an on-site fitness center and yoga room, business center, enormous 2,000-square-foot dog park, plus seven courtyards with two swimming pools (to be heated with solar energy), grill zones, and firepits. All the frills are intended to alleviate the "the limited walkability of the neighborhood by providing amenities within the complex that meet the needs of area demographics."

The release does not give an opening date, but the brand's website says September 2014.
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