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22 Hum-Drum Townhouses Headed for Windsor Square

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Wow, how exciting: there might just be 22 "lackluster" townhouses headed for the current site of a parking lot near Sixth Street and Norton in Windsor Square. The development would put two elongated buildings with 11 three-story townhouses each "atop a commercial parking structure serving the office building on Wilshire and Norton," reports the Larchmont Buzz. Developers Archeon International Group (also behind the massive Solair in Ktown) presented the plans to the Park Mile Specific Plan Design Review Board last week, with a rep explaining that the design would include "multiple facets and lots of fenestration." These plans are just preliminary, though; Archeon is expected to come back with more developed ones when it meets with stakeholders and the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, so maybe they'll be less lackluster when we see them next.

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