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Is Trader Joe's Coming to the FiDi's Madeover Macy's Fortress?

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Trader Joe's assertion that Downtown isn't in their three-year plan might have been a weird little word game, if the rumors that broker/blogger Brigham Yen has heard are true. Yen claims that the first Trader Joe's in the area—which gentrifiers have been begging for for years—will arrive as part of the remodel that will turn the Macy's fortress in the Financial District into The Bloc, which is set to open in late 2015 or early 2016. That's about four years after the Pasadena-based chain's September 2011 claim that DTLA was not in their three-year plan. (Early 2016 is cutting it a little closer to their February 2014 statement that Downtown is not in their two-year plan.) Maybe if someone had asked them about their four-year plan, they would have spilled the beans on everything long ago.

If TJ's comes to The Bloc, it'll likely be in the spot formerly occupied by a food-court Carl's Jr. And it'll be facing off against the humongous Whole Foods at Eighth and Grand, plus that old standby Ralphs on Figueroa and Ninth.
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