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Fauxtalian Fortress Could Gets Its Unfriendly Skybridge Back

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A couple months back, the Central Los Angeles Area Planning Commission got on board with the Planning Commission's earlier decision to deny a skybridge for the under-construction Da Vinci, the latest faux-Tuscan beast from Geoff Palmer. Skybridges take feet off the street and reinforce the fortress-like architecture in Palmer's developments, so the surrounding areas often remain hostile to pedestrians. The 526-unit Da Vinci is located on Temple Street near the 110/101, currently an Omega Man-like dead zone—which is exactly why Councilmember Jose Huizar now wants the City Council to reverse the decision and grant Palmer his skybridge. "Given the location, the surrounding area has extremely limited nighttime uses and pedestrian activity," Huizar writes in his motion to the Council's Planning and Land Use Management Committee. "The proposed pedestrian bridge is necessary to provide circulation within the separated elements of the overall project and to address resident public safety concerns, particularly during the evening hours." Wouldn't getting more people on the street make the area less sketchy?
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Da Vinci

909 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA