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Mapping the Most and Least Mobile Neighborhoods in LA

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A new interactive map called Isoscope (as seen on Flowing Data) allows users to click on any point and see a giant blue blob, a layered map representing the range of mobility, or how hard it is to get some place from that point, for every hour of the day, by car or on foot. "Isoscope focuses on one specific travel time revealing deviations in the reachable area due to changes in traffic conditions," the site says; in other words, the difference in how far you'll get in, say, four minutes, at different times of day or days of the week. To show these differences, the map is navigable by travel times, times of day, and days of the week (at the bottom of the screen). Light blue shows the range for a car; the darker blue reflects a pedestrian's range. The larger the dark blue dot, the more walkable a neighborhood. Pinpoints near freeways have a greater driving range, of course, though those get predictably smaller during rush hours. Unfortunately, the map does not include transit, which would probably make these blobs even odder.

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