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All the Details on LAX's Potential People Mover System

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Los Angeles World Airports, which operates LAX, have been working hard on the future of transportation at the airport lately—the big issue is car traffic, and it's working on a big overhaul now, plus planning a consolidated rental car facility and an intermodal transportation facility that would allow drop-offs, bag checks, parking, and a meet and greet area. Yesterday, the Board of Airport Commissioners also met to discuss the biggie: a people mover that would connect to the Metro system. As mentioned yesterday, LAWA is looking at having a PM with two or four stops at LAX; the former would require passengers walk farther, but cost about a billion less and take few years less to build (between 5 and 7 years).

That seems good, but, according to yesterday's presentation, via LA Airspace, LAWA still really wants the PM to connect to Metro via the intermodal transportation facility, which would require a spur off of the Crenshaw Line, which is already under construction. A spur to the ITF would not only require a new environmental review (a lengthy, costly process), but billions of dollars and re-routing complications with Crenshaw trains. Connecting the PM to the Crenshaw Line's Aviation/Century station would seem like the way to go, but LAWA can't seem to let the spur idea go.

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