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Here's What a Map to the Stars' Homes Looked Like in 1937

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Today, maps to the stars' homes are confusingly-drawn mazes that would be creepy if they weren't so useless as maps, let alone as maps to anything in particular. In 1937, at the height of the studio system and in the last years of the Great Depression, they were pretty much the same, only with much better illustrations. Today Slate shares this map of "Hollywood Starland" (via the Big Map Blog via Nathan Masters's Twitter); it's a handsome piece of work that's useless as a map, but still handy as a guide to a half-mythical Los Angeles where famous people lived, made movies, got drunk, shot guns, buried the dead, and of course drove. Not a Red Car in sight.

· An Illustrated Map of Stars' Homes From the Golden Age of Hollywood [Slate]
· Hollywood starland : official moviegraph of the land of stars, where they live, where they work and where they play [Library of Congress]