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Hideous Las Vegas Compound with Its Own Watchtower

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Welcome hot, summery weather! It's another season of Weekend Getaways, where we look at homes within driving distance (or maybe a little further) of Los Angeles that are on the market for you to ogle, then buy.

Location: 9125 S. Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas
Price: $2,499,900
Size: 11,543 sq.ft. on almost 2 acre lot

We really have no idea what this house is about, but it definitely beckons to us like a rogue lighthouse steering us into the jagged rocks of a shark infested lagoon. Guesses are welcome -- is it a house or a former funeral home? child actor retirement center? Scientology prison? The listing for the 8 bedroom, 9 bathroom compound underplays the crazy at play in the home, only noting "a stately dining room," "chef's delight kitchen," and "olympic size gardens," as if the Olympics had a gardening competition. There's no mention of the watchtower, drop-down ceilings, circular master bedroom or scary red tile bathroom. Fun for the whole family.

· 9125 S Buffalo Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89113 [Trulia]
· 9125 S Buffalo Drive [Redfin]