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Gentrification in Boyle Heights, LA Needs Affordable Housing

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[Watch super old-timey Los Angeles being dug up as part of the Purple Line subway construction]

This Week's Top Stories: Plans to bring an NFL team to a new downtown stadium may have fallen apart, but there's still hope the city will see an upgraded convention center. Love it or hate it, gentrification has its eye set on Boyle Heights but the locals aren't taking the invasion of artisanal treat loving "pioneers" lying down. The billion dollar future of the Los Angeles River as a giant, awesome lineal park has received the backing of the Army Corps of Engineers. An investor has spun gold from straw with great Elysian Heights flip-turned-reconstruction that sold for $1.03 million. Meanwhile, the poors and middle class are left without a home as Los Angeles faces a massive gap in needed affordable housing. A troubled Richard Neutra-designed home in West Covina is in need of an owner willing to spend $1 million, plus do some restoration work. Watch how Hollywood Boulevard has changed over time thanks to Ed Ruscha's work photographing the street in 1973 and 2002.