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See the Human-Sized Architectural Birdcage of Silver Lake

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For the next few months, the courtyard of Silver Lake's Materials & Applications gallery will play host to "La Cage aux Folles," an installation designed by architect Warren Techentin and his firm, WTARCH, a birdcage-ish structure inspired by the yurts used by nomadic Mongolians. The structure is made from curved steel tubes organized into loops and layers via a generative algorithm. In conjunction with Techentin's totally tubular installation, M&A program director Kevin Crooks curated Viva La Cage, a three-part performance series in which three different groups of artists explore the structure's various possibilities. For the first segment, La Cage was transformed into an observatory for viewing of Saturn and Mars, while the second part saw it used as an architectural musical instrument.

For the series' final segment this weekend—an interactive piece created by artists Mishal Hashmi, Janie Sanchez, and Filipa Valente—the installation will be turned into a human-scale birdcage, thanks to the magic of 3D projection. Per the artists' statement, participants are "invited to move amongst their favorite aviators, relax on [their] favorite perch or flitter about from chamber to chamber as birds come alive with movement and song." The performance begins at 8:30 pm tomorrow evening, with the inevitable Twitter/Instagram avalanche expected to start approximately one minute later.