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Boaters Say MdR Makeover is Like Throwing Puppies on the 405

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Local boaters are positively outraged by the potential destruction of Marina del Rey's Fisherman's Village, which could be getting the ax as part of a comprehensive makeover for the area. Those who use the marina—the ones who have polluted it we suppose—are fervently against the proposals to reposition the boat launch and (to a lesser degree) to raze Fisherman's Village, reports the Daily News. They came out to voice their ire at a Small Craft Harbor Commission meeting, where they explained to the board that the current ramp location (off Fiji Way) allows boats to take their time getting out into the main channel, and is "the best boat launch in all of Southern California," while the proposed future location, in the area now occupied by Fisherman's Village, would be "suicidal. It's like throwing puppies out in the fast lane of the 405. It won't work," claimed one angry sailor.

Said an avid seafarer and oceanography professor of the contested Marina del Rey redesign: "All of the plans for moving the boat launch are ridiculously bad. If any of my students came up with those plans, I would give them an F." He went on to say, "If you move that launch ramp and start causing accidents, I will testify that you were told it's a dangerous way to do a launch ramp."

In response, a rep from the LA County Regional Planning Department, which came up with this marina rearrangement in the first place, said only that the plans are not final and that they still have to be approved by the Regional Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors.
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