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Donald Sterling's Many Properties, House of Davids Blandified

[Curbed takes a tour through LA's many gated communities -- has map!]

This Week's Top Stories: The infamous House of Davids at 3rd and Muirfield has been completely remodeled, or more accurately "a flipper has Pottery Barned" it to death. LA Clippers owner, racist, and property owner Donald Sterling (who's name can be anagrammed as Saddening Troll, Slandering Dolt, and Gnarled Old Snit) owns a bevy of properties in Los Angeles and we mapped all of them that we could find. A majestically hideous estate in Covina featuring a pirate themed bar, lazy river, water shooting cannons, and an equestrian area is now on the market for $6.288 million. Know your buttles and starbuttles -- we've got 15 new words to better describe the madness of driving in LA. If we don't get the 2024 Olympic Games (we're going to have people kayak down the LA River) we should just throw our own damn games, or maybe just a modern version of the Battle of the Network Stars. The slow gentrification of the USC University Park area got a big push this week with a story noting the trend in the LA Times. West Hollywood is ready to hop on the train as the city is looking at getting a lobbyist or doing an initiative to make their subway dreams come true.

House of Davids

304 S. Muirfield Rd., Los Angeles, CA