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14 of the Weirdest Land Uses in Los Angeles's Zoning Code

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Los Angeles is in the midst of giving its old, 1946-era zoning code a complete makeover, and it's keeping the public up to speed on all the process via re:code LA. The code crusaders over at the site have run into some very interesting land uses in the city's Use List, an accompaniment to the code that is full of highly specific categories that make one wonder, How did this even get on the books? The reality, says re:code LA, is that in order to prevent "unfortunate land pairings," the Use List has to plan for just about everything, from raising chinchillas to 'gator farming.

Here are the 14 weirdest categories (in bold), directly quoted from the Use List:
· Reducing salons: Classified differently than gyms in the code, these are the kinds of places where a person might go to "lose weight quickly," like by strapping into one of those vibrating belt machines.
· Alligator farms: There was once a farm of these bumpy predators in Lincoln Heights, but was this use on the books before then or after?
· Bathing cap manufacturing
· Sauerkraut manufacturing
· Egg candling: Referring, of course, to the process of holding an egg up to a specially-made light to check its quality before selling it to grocers.
· Baby gym: What is a baby gym? What isn't a baby gym? Those suckers can climb! (It actually refers to classes that help your baby develop his or her motor/cognitive/social skills. This category was added this year.)
· Pigeon keeping
· Pumpkin sales
· Menagerie
· Mushroom growing (Different than a mushroom farm, also in the Use List.)
· Perfumed toilet soap manufacturing
· Bath, Turkish and the like
· Chinchilla raising
· Servant's quarters
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