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Allumette Shutters, Toilet Cafe Flushed, Your SGV Dining Guide

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ECHO PARK: Upscale Echo Park restaurant Allumette is shuttering June 28 after a year and a half of business near Dodger Stadium. Was the neighborhood not ready for an establishment with a $55 tasting menu? Debate away.

CITY OF INDUSTRY: Like any great novelty, the Magic Restroom Cafe's days on Earth were numbered. With fake toilets for seats and disgusting meals named after excrement, the restaurant made international headlines, but, alas, is no more.

SAN GABRIEL VALLEY: There is much better food in the San Gabriel Valley than anything the Magic Restroom was offering. Eater has the definitive guide to SGV dining, which is helpful, since many of the best restaurants are tucked away in nondescript stripmalls.
· Eater LA [Official Site]