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The Valley is Definitely Getting a Spring 2015 CicLAvia Route

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CicLAvia, Los Angeles's favorite linear block party, has previously taken walkers, riders, and revelers into places that, for whatever reason, they might not otherwise go, and now they're planning to tackle one of the most remote and stereotyped of LA's regions: the Valley. A San Fernando Valley route was rumored to be on the horizon when 2014 plans were announced earlier this year, but nothing was confirmed until today, when CicLAvia announced that they'd definitely be coming over the hills in the spring of 2015, says the LA Register. The exact date and course are still in flux, but two possible routes have been mentioned for the event, which shuts down miles of streets to cars and opens them to people.

One possible path starts in North Hollywood, then goes westbound along Ventura Boulevard; another would go through Van Nuys on Van Nuys Boulevard. Regardless of the location of 2015's event, there will be more chances for other areas of the Valley to get in on the bike action; a rep for CicLAvia says that the plan is to have a ride in the Valley every spring, with different routes each time.

CicLAvia proper will have two more events in 2014, one on Wilshire and one in Downtown; meanwhile the San Gabriel Valley is planning an unofficial CicLAvia-style event to coincide with the opening of the Gold Line extension.
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