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"County Certified" Organic Farm in Echo Park Asking $625k

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When last on the market, back in 2011, this Echo Park abode was looking tore up from the floor up and hurtin' for certain, its yard just a barren patch of dirt and cement. Previously a wreck of a duplex, the property has now come back to market under a new incarnation—that of a charming urban farm "built in 1898," complete with historical-sounding name: Hamilton House. Per the description, the two-story residence now features three bedrooms, one and a half baths, a formal dining room, a step-down office, a reading room, and an attic studio, while the 6,020-square-foot lot has been transformed into a "county certified farm with 23 trees (15 of them fruit-bearing), 5 raised bed vegetable gardens, a nursery patio, compost stations and more." The property's eco-friendly features include "gray water plumbing, rain harvesting systems, solar-powered ventilation, tankless water heater and drought-tolerant landscaping." Last sold for $222,000, it's now looking to reap a bumper-crop more, with an asking price of $625,000.

· 1423 W Court Street [Estately]