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Here's Donald Sterling's Newest Rental House in Beverly Hills

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Scandal or no scandal, the list of property owned by finally-disgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling continues to grow: Sterling was the trustee named on paperwork when the Sterling Family Trust picked up this 5,310-square-foot Beverly Hills house earlier this month, says Trulia Luxe Blog. The 1931 house was on the market for the first time "in decades," according to the listing, and it doesn't appear to have seen many updates to its six bedrooms and five-and-a-quarter bathrooms in decades either. Bloomberg reported last week that Sterling got the house (which he'll almost certainly use as a rental property) for $423,000 below its asking price. An agent who represented the sellers said that he'd worked with Sterling on several sales in the area over the last couple years and that all of them had become rentals. Sterling paid $5,162,750.

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