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Take a Video Tour Through the Abandoned Minnelli Mansion

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When we first got a look inside the abandoned Beverly Hills mansion that once belonged to Liza Minnelli's father, Vincente Minnelli, and was for years at the center of a terrible family battle, it was clear that the place needed help badly. Now new video inside the walls of the tumbledown estate (sent to us via an anonymous tipster and shot by, apparently, urban explorer Adam the Woo) shows that the storied house doesn't look any closer to getting the repairs it very much needs. In fact, from the looks of the ripped up carpet and proliferating squatter messes, it might be plunging even further into disrepair—definitely a far cry from the glamorous place once photographed for an Architectural Digest spread. Take a walk through below (and don't be deterred by the first 36 seconds or by the goofy hosts, who pop up only infrequently throughout the tour).

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