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Neglected 1955 Neutra in West Covina Needs a Hero

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Cue up the Bonnie Tyler—looks like yet another one of SoCal's architecturally significant structures could use a hero. Located on a 3.45-acre lot in the south hills of West Covina, the JM Roberts House was designed by Richard Neutra between 1953 and 1955. While the 2,580-square-foot residence has certainly seen better days, it's easy to envision it being revived into quite a lovely showcase. That is, if the next owner "chooses to keep it," in the ominous words of the listing. Composed of glass, stone, stucco, and wood, the Roberts House features four bedrooms, three baths, walls of glass, awesome original tile, (some) beamed ceilings, and a large "fossilized" stone fireplace, while the lot features a kidney-shaped pool, koi pond, firepit, mature oak trees, and horse pastures. Per the description, the property also "includes 14 shares of water-stock; more then enough for a sub-division," whatever that means (sounds like dooooom). Asking price is an even $1 million.

· 621 Wrede Way [Redfin]