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Dolly Parton's Selling Spree, Venice Under Water

[This fantastic bathroom could be yours! 1910 house in Silver Lake asking $599k]

This Week's Top Stories: Climate change is real, and unfortunately that means rising ocean levels, so let's take a look at a future Venice covered with water. How architect John Lautner's Chemosphere house was saved from bad alterations. Curbed has updated its annual list of places you may want to go to watch movies outdoors with thousands of your neighbors this Summer. And before you hit the beach, please check out Heal the Bay's beach report card to make sure you're not diving into a puddle of sewerage. The quarter-mile long One Santa Fe in the Art's District is nearing completion, and Art's District denizens couldn't be less thrilled.What's the story behind Beachwood Canyon's Krotona colony? Curbed features investigates. Dolly Parton is going on a selling spree, with her bungalow in West Hollywood hitting the market and two other homes in Idyllwild and Solvang.