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Highland Park's Unpermitted Church on York Closes For Good

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Earlier this week, Los Angeles denied all permits for Highland Park's art space/music venue the Church on York, but the owner was resolute that the place would stick around. But it appears there was little else to do or say that could keep the popular spot in business; they announced yesterday in a Facebook post (via LAist) that they were closing their doors "for good." The space had been awaiting event permits and had applied for a liquor license when the zoning administrator issued a report claiming that the Church had held the vast majority of its shows illegally (only five permits were issued for the space in all of 2013) and that they'd sold alcohol illegally.

When the decision came down, the venue scrambled successfully to move many scheduled shows to other locations (though some, unable to find homes, were canceled) and vowed that the Church on York would survive. "We're not going anywhere. I'm going to keep fighting," the owner told the LA Times earlier this week. It would appear that the fight was short and is now over. The only thing that will be happening at the Church are AA, Al-Anon, and OA meetings, which will continue on-site as planned until June 15.
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