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Metro Raises Train and Bus Fares But Adds Free Transfers

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Metro's board came to a nice compromise on transit fare increases at its meeting yesterday, bumping up the cost of a ride by a quarter, to $1.75, staring in September. But the irony is that riding the Metro will likely be cheaper now for many people, since the fare increase will also include two hours of free transfers—up until now, riders had to pay for each individual train or bus ride, and half of Metro riders transfer at least once per trip. Student fares will not increase under the new plan, but day passes will go up from $5 to $7, weekly passes from $20 to $25, and monthly passes from $75 to $100. Further fare increases, discussed for 2017 and 2020, are on hold until a panel of transit experts can weigh in on how necessary they are to Metro's bottom line and how they will impact low-income riders. County supervisor and Metro board member Gloria Molina was the only one to object to the fare increase, suggesting unsuccessfully that Metro trim its budget. She also said Metro needs to make the bus system more efficient so as to attract wealthier riders that will keep the agency more solvent. "You can't ghettoize our buses," she said.
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